Help build the VINE TRAIL!

Month of Movement Challenge

Fitness and fun focused fundraising for all ages. Join as an individual or as part of a team to walk, hike, run or cycle throughout the month of May.


What is the goal of the VINE TRAIL Month of Movement Challenge?

The goal of the VINE TRAIL Month of Movement Challenge is two-fold:  to encourage anybody and everybody to get outside and get moving by walking, hiking, running, or cycling on the VINE TRAIL or anywhere; and to offer lightly competitive peer-to-peer & team-based fundraising to help build the VINE TRAIL. (20 miles done, 27 to go!)

When does the Month of Movement Challenge start?

The Month of Movement Challenge takes place during the month of May. Get moving and record your miles from May 1st -31st. You can sign up, join a team, or create a team and start recruiting team members. For those who are keen to compete in both the fitness and fundraising challenge, you can start fundraising now. The fitness competition - most miles moved - begins May 1st and ends May 31st.

Who can join the Challenge?

Anyone can sign up to participate. Whether you live in Napa, Nashville or anywhere in between, get moving, log your miles, and earn virtual badges and high-fives along the way.

How much does it cost to join the Challenge?

The donation to register is $47. Student fee (ages 13-18) is $10 and under age 13 is free to register. 

Is fundraising required during the Month of Movement Challenge?

We are suggesting a minimum individual fundraising amount of $147. The $47 donation to register will be credited towards your fundraising goal. When you register, you will be asked to set your own dollar goal on your personal fundraising page or you can join a fundraising team and support their efforts.

Can I join the Challenge after the start date?

Yes, you can join at any time during the month of May. Sign up as an individual or join a team.

How do I log my miles?

Once you’ve registered on this Challenge website, you can log your miles, check-up on friends, and see how other individuals and teams are performing. All miles are honor system-based -- no high-tech equipment required. To log your miles, click on your Profile. 

To access your individual fundraising page and post updates:  Simply go to: charity.pledgeit.org/VineTrail

- Click 'Sign In' at the top right

- Enter your email address and password

- Click on your individual page

- Click the 'Updates' tab at the top

- 'Click the text box that says 'Post an update for your community'

- Enter the miles you've completed since your last update along with additional text, photo, or other media

- Click 'Post update'

Can I share my progress?

Once your campaign is published, share it with your friends, family, and fans. You can share your miles achieved and/or request funds to be raised to meet your fundraising goals.

Can anyone create a team?

Yes, teams can be created by anyone. There are two types of teams in our Challenge

1)     Premier Match Team ($2,500 match fee)

2)     Community Team ($47 to join)

Premier Match Teams receive marketing and event benefits, 10 complimentary registration passes, and additional Challenge perks. Premier Match Teams pay a $2,500 match fee.  

There is no team fee for Community Teams, just the $47 donation registration for each team member. You can create a team during your registration and invite your friends to join. 

Who leads the teams? 

Each team will have a Captain. The team Captain will be part of our Captain’s Circle and receive weekly emails about the event progress.

How do I join a team?

Upon registering, you will be asked if you would like to join as an individual or as part of a team. You can join any team you’d like.  

What are the competition categories during the Month of Movement Challenge? And what can I win?

There 3 key Team competition categories and 2 Individual competition categories:

For Teams:

            #1 Most Monies Raised

            #2 Most Miles Moved

            #3 Most Members on a Team

For Individuals:

            #1 Most Monies Raised

            #2 Most Miles Moved

How do I know who is leading in each category?

The Challenge website has 2 primary leaderboards for our fundraising and mileage efforts.

You can sort by Individuals and Teams for Funds Raised and for Top Performers.

When are winners announced and what are the rewards?

Individual and team winners will be announced the first week of June. Our winning team(s) and individuals will be invited to our awards ceremony.


We have several ways to virtually join the fitness fun! In fact, we’ll post challenges, real-time meet-ups and motivational messages during our month together.

For those cycling and running buffs, we have our own VINE TRAIL STRAVA groups.

Click here to join: 



We also have a FACEBOOK Group dedicated to our Month of Movement participants. Along with highlighting tales from the trail and beyond, this is your opportunity to post progress in your personal challenge Join today!  




Email: LOCOMOTION@VineTrail.org

Call: 707.278.8377