Construction Updates

Stay informed about the latest construction updates on the Napa Valley Vine Trail!


Coming Soon! | Napa Valley Vine Trail | Calistoga to St. Helena

From the Calistoga Depot to Pratt Avenue in St. Helena, this picturesque 9-mile stretch of the Napa Valley Vine Trail will guide you through Napa Valley's finest vineyards and the majestic oaks of Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, steeped in rich local history. 

Construction crews have been hard at work. While some parts are ready, the full experience is still underway adding safety features, pavement treatments, and trail elements. Save the sneak peeks for spring – the trail is off-limits for its final touches. Thank the construction crews and let's show some love to the vineyards by respecting the closure this winter. 

If you're eager for more adventure, take a short ride south to Yountville. There, you'll find the 12-mile VINE TRAIL segment that connects Yountville to Napa. 

The Napa Valley Vine Trail is currently in construction on the 5.5 mile segment connecting Vallejo to American Canyon. 

Lace up your shoes or hop on your bike, and let the adventure begin!

Vine Trail Updates 

Download St. Helena to Calistoga Construction Map

October 31: Paving continues upvalley nearing Ehlers Lane. 



October 28: Most of the trail from Dunaweal to Bothe State Park has been paved, including the entrance to the park. Also paved was a portion from Big Tree Rd towards the Grist Mill. 



October 27: Paving has almost reached Larkmead. 



October 25: Paving on the VINE TRAIL has begun! Shown here is the trail from Sterling Vineyards to the entrance of Twomey Vineyards. AS well as sections by the Twomey bridge. 



October 13: The eastern side to the Dunaweal bridge is getting close to being asphalt ready. The culverts on the south side of Deer Park Rd is almost ready for concrete to be poured. 



October 8: Retaining walls are being constructed on both ends of the Dunaweal Bridge. 



October 3: Concrete is being poured and floated on the de Connick, Dunaweal, & Twomey bridges. 



October 2: The Ghilotti folks will be pouring concrete tomorrow for the decks of all 3 bridges.


September 29: Base for crossing light near CalFire headquarter building completed. 

Preparing base for crossing light near entrance to Bothe- Napa Valley State Park.

Retaining wall erected on approach to Shelton bridge next to Dunaweal Lane.

Approach to culvert just north of Ehlers Lane being built up.

Retaining wall erected on north end of Deconnick bridge.

Road base material in place south of Deconnick bridge.


September 16: All 3 of the new bridges have rear in place, ready to have the concrete deck poured.


Lots of progressing reaches 1-3.

Most of Pratt to Deer Park has been compacted & looks about ready to be paved. Only a few small sections between there & CalFire that haven't been graded.


Both approaches to the Deconnick & Twomey bridges have been ramped up with dirt, as well as the southern approach to the CalFire culvert.

It looks like the forms are in place to pour concrete for the bases of the crossing lights at CalFire.


September 12: A lot of activity south of Bothe today. Most of the grading has been done between Pratt Ave & Markham Vineyards.

The retaining wall north of the Trinchero Winery is almost complete.

Much of the grading is done between the de Connick bridge and Turley Wine Cellars.

They're about ready to pour the base for the HAWK crossing lights on the east side of the hwy near the CalFire headquarters building. Utility poles were also being moved (by AT&T). 


September 9: We are one step closer to pavement across from CIA. There was a Ghilotti dozer working there today (Saturday).


August 31: The 80 ft de Connick bridge has also been installed. The de Connick bridge is needed in order to avoid a vernal pool and wetlands. 


The 114 ft Dunaweal bridge has been installed. The bridge weighs nearly 20 tons and will assist walkers, runners, and riders in crossing over the Napa Valley River. 



August 30: The 36 ft Twomey bridge has been installed. The bridge spans a culvert and is designed with great care to avoid any impacts to waterways, plants, animals, soils, etc.



August 28: Lots of activity happening in Reaches 1, 2, and 3. Trenching has begun across from CIA. The retaining wall near Trinchero is completed and is being backfilled. 

Grading has begun south of Big Tree Rd and the retaining walls leading up to the culvert near CalFire is being constructed.


August 21: Roof panels have been installed at the Calistoga Depot bike stop, as well as the bench, work-stand, and bike pump. 

Sewer work is happening on the east side of the trail. 


August 15: An approx. 8" asphalt curb has been installed from where the bollards end to downtown past Earl St.

Bollards have also been installed to prevent people from driving past this point. 

Cement was poured for the retaining wall adjacent to Trinchero Winery.

The foreman stated they are going to pour the other footing for the de Connick bridge soon, for now the drain pipe is set by the bridge site. 


July 27: Shelter building construction to be completed by July 28.

Paving will begin the week of August 3 from Dunaweal to Maple. 

Deconnick Bridge work has started - vegetation has been stripped and grading of the area for fill work to prep for cast in drill hole. 

Trail work has started from Deer Park to Pratt, existing fence and pavers have been removed and grading work has started. 

June 30: The area were the VINE TRAIL will be has been raised and bridge activity continues. 


Concrete has been poured and forms have been built for footing of the bridge over the Napa River adjacent to Dunaweal. 


Roadbed between Larkmead and Dunaweal is compacted. The box culvert just south of the "Welcome to Napa Valley" sign is nearing completion. 



June 27: Materials have been added & paving of the roadbed between the farmworker center & the welcome sign. 


A box culvert is under construction right next to the CalFire headquarters



June 26: Concrete has been poured to prepare for the Dunaweal bridge over the Napa River.

Construction is in high gear south of Bothe State Park, this is just north of Ehlers Lane and adjacent to Hwy 29 upvalley.



June 19: Exciting construction activity up north, there is further progress on the box culvert just south of the Welcome to Napa Valley sign.


Work is underway to prepare for the bridge over the Napa River adjacent to Dunaweal Lane. Excavating is being done on both sides of the river.


The base for the Calistoga Bike Rest at the Calistoga Depot has been poured.



June 15: Walls and column base has been poured for the Calistoga Bike Rest located at Calistoga Depot.


June 14: Ghilotti is back at work building a box culvert just south of the Welcome to Napa Valley sign near Calistoga. Construction has also begun on the pad for the Calistoga Bike Rest adjacent to the Calistoga Depot.



May 26: Road material is down & compacted from the south end of the Twooey Bridge site to Azalia Springs Way.



May 17: Backfilling behind the retaining walls has been done at Heitz Driveway. The contractor has built a section of the block wall and then will backfill and lay a sheet of geogrid that ties into the wall. Fine grading operations should resume around the end of next week at Towmey and head south.



May 5: Construction has resumed on the Napa Valley Vine Trail. 

We are excited to share the Calistoga to St. Helena section has officially resumed construction and we can't wait to share the trail with you. Get ready to soak up the stunning Napa Valley scenery from a different perspective.

Traffic barrier constructed this week. More equipment & construction supplies have been brought in.
Temporary barriers are being installed to begin construction at additional sites.



March 3: Photo on the left shows the VINE TRAIL construction happening in Calistoga at the north end of Twomey bridge. 

Photo on the right shows the bollards with installed chains on the Calistoga section of the VINE TRAIL.


January 6: As the ground dried out following the early much welcomed rain, construction activity on the VINE TRAIL resumed between Calistoga and Bothe Napa Valley State Park. This long section of retaining wall is being erected adjacent to Hwy 29 near Azalea Springs Way. 

The retaining walls for the Napa Valley Vine Trail are close to being completed. The walls have been topped with capstone and have been backfilled. Though, there are still a few gaps. 

The Dunaweal to Bothe section is ready for asphalt.


For more information on the Napa Valley Vine Trail construction from Calistoga to St Helena, please visit: Napa Valley Transportation Authority - NVTA