Arts, Culture and Education (ACE) Programs on the Napa Valley Vine Trail

By facilitating the integration of Arts, Culture and Education into the trail infrastructure, design or programming elements, the Vine Trail becomes an exciting cultural connector offering experiential opportunities for all ages.

Outdoor Classroom Curriculum

The Vine Trail Outdoor Classroom program was created to encourage teachers to bring their students to a wonderful outdoor classroom held on the Vine Trail. Grade-level experts from Napa County schools came together to create lesson plans conforming to state standards to be taught on the Vine Trail. By providing easy guidelines for teachers to follow it alleviates the burden of creating a successful lesson which will be executed in an unfamiliar setting. The Vine Trail hopes to help children complete the CDC’s recommended 60 minutes or more of physical activity per day by providing a safe space to walk or ride bicycles. By introducing children to the Vine Trail through their school, it allows equitable access and knowledge of the Vine Trail. With 18 schools within a half mile of the trail, many students will be able to walk from their schools, but there is still need to provide transportation to students who are traveling a further distance.

Interpretive Panels

The Napa Valley Vine Trail identified regional education elements to highlight along the route which are incorporated into the Outdoor Classroom curriculum.  A limited number of panels are available for sponsorship, inquire at

Napa Valley Vine Trail phone app

Our custom Vine Trail app is available. Take a look, and a listen, as we offer guided "tours" at each of our Interpretive Panels, details about each Vine Trail section, and information about lodging, restaurants and wineries.

Rail Arts District (RAD)

Founded in 2016 with early collaboration with the Vine Trail, the Rail Arts District Napa (RAD Napa) is envisioned as a free outdoor contemporary art museum. With an initial fund of $100,000 contributed by the Napa Valley Wine Train and Napa Valley Vine Trail, RAD Napa is improving the “Cross Town Commuter Path” in the heart of downtown Napa by adding a variety of murals, sculptures, landscaping and the Napa Community Quake Mosaic. Details at;