Walk with a Doc

07/01/2017 9:00am

We have a special JULY 1st Walk With A Doc!

Chris Henderson will be walking and talking about local wild herbs found along the Vine Trail and their medicinal uses.

Dr. Henderson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist who has served Napa Valley residents for almost 20 years. He has offices in Calistoga & Napa, providing Eastern and Western holistic medicine for optimizing patient health and well being. 

Walk With A Doc on the Napa Valley Vine Trail will meet at the Hartle Court Vine Trail Shelter just north of the Napa Century Theater adjacent to the Napa County Animal Shelter. The walk will proceed from the Hartle Court Shelter to the end of the Cul-de-Sac which leads to the Vine Trail pathway, then will head out on the Vine Trail for a 2-3 mile round trip walk. The walk will take less than 2 hours.

Event participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver before starting on the walk.

Please use our Facebook Event Invite to RSVP. For more information contact Elizabeth at elizabethglennbottari@outlook.com.

Walk With a Doc on the Napa Valley Vine Trail the first Saturday of every month.