LOCO-MOTION -- In-Person Event Canceled

03/21/2020 5:30pm

Raising funds to connect Napa Valley communities for our kids and theirs.

Dear VINE TRAIL Supporters,

Every year, we look forward to connecting with our local community at LOCO-MOTION and sharing our vision for the future of the VINE TRAIL. LOCO-MOTION is both an incredibly important fund-raising event for the VINE TRAIL and our favorite way to party with each of you while we recognize your support.

A primary goal of the VINE TRAIL is to enhance the health and safety of our kids, our residents, our visitors, our community. Due to uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, bringing you all together at this time does not support this goal.

We respect the need for social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! We still want to provide an opportunity for all of us to come together as a community to continue to show our support of the VINE TRAIL.

To that end, we are converting LOCO-MOTION from an in-person event on March 21 to a fun online experience: LOCO-MOTION ONLINE. It will focus on a Fund-a-Need with some great thank-you gifts! (To ensure you don't miss the rollout, sign up for our email list at the top right corner of this page.)

While we will miss seeing you in person on March 21, keep an eye on your email. We plan to kick-off LOCO-MOTION ONLINE around the end of March.

We appreciate your graciousness, understanding, and flexibility as we all deal with these unique circumstances together.

Let’s ride it. Let’s run it. Let’s build it. LET'S DO IT!

Chuck McMinn
Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition
Philip Sales
Executive Director
Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition